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Professor Dr. Thomas Feltes, M.A., holds degrees in Law and Social Sciences and is professor at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (Department of Criminology, Criminal Policy and Police Science). Since more than 25 years his fields of research, consultancy and practice have been in policing, including reform, education, management, and technology. He has 30 years of teaching and research experience at universities, 20 years of experience in applied research and reform of public institutions, and 10 years as a Director of a Police University in Germany. He has outstanding national and international experience in reorganization of police forces and in developing curricula for police training. He acts as scientific expert for police reform, police education esp. in countries in transition for OSCE, UN, EU, Council of Europe and many other international organizations. Since the last 10 years he was involved in police reform projects in Azerbaidshan, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Kirgizstan, Switzerland, Thomas Feltes started the first and only Master's program in Criminology and Police Science in Germany in 2005 with more than 60 students per year. Thomas Feltes has published over 150 articles and 12 books in different languages. He is the editor of a volume on police science and empirical police research in Germany and of the Police-Newsletter, a monthly online newsletter on policing (available in English, French, German and Spanish). 

Thomas Feltes is Member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS), the Steering Committees of ISPAC (International Scientific Prevention Advisory Council to the United Nations), the World Criminal Justice Library Network (WCJLN), the American Society of Criminology (ASC), the European Society of Criminology (ESC), Police Futurists International (PFI), The Scottish Institute for Policing Research (Advisory Board); Freelance Consultant for Police Reform, Reform ob Public Administration and Justice, Police Training and Curriculum Development, Human Resources Management, Knowledge Management and Quality Management in Public Administrations. Visiting Professor Iliria-University, Prishtina, Kosovo, Cape Town University, Cape Town, South Africa. Outstanding experience in international and national reorganization of police forces, criminal justice institutions, and public administration and in developing curricula for police training. Leading expert in Train the Trainer programs.

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